Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Lets dance in the rain

We ended the week with a party dedicated to those that had awful times with the Hurricane
so we got on our gum boots our umbrellas and danced on the beach .
through out the 3 hours of a brilliant set from our King Dj Mat fini, playing a well put together set from Pop to rnb to dubstep a huge range of genres but always immaculate put together, with a variety of requests coming in  he will bring them into his set with ease , he is not like your average second life dj as he is mixing on real decks live using omg dare I say it records soo with that slight scratchy old school sound you get with vinyl  we all danced our little hearts out 
 As we danced the water levels rose  till we were under water but hey we immortal soo don't worry we were all fine and happy and laughing our way tho with the usual banter that comes from us moon heads all together.
Dj Mat Fini  his girl the Duchess Sandra , Val in duck mode and Hazy looking on at the craziness hehehehhe

Hazy trying her magic to make the sun shine

sam and her guy dance with  gum boots,umbrella at her side in case more rain comes

The Moon heads party on the flooded land
We do welcome any one to our sim we have a pretty sim with many diffrent elements to it , when you tp in pick up the lm hud and start exploring many couple dance thingies around the sim and a continuous stream if noone is djing, we have 3 to 4 parties a week monday is usually matal and rock night in the tunnel club in the ghetto, wednesday Hip Hop , dubstep and grime night we all love our Hip Hop Hump day which is at the main stage in the centre of the Ghetto, friday is theme night for Fmc ( Full Moon Club)the prize for best dressed what ever the theme is that week is usually over 1000l nearer 2000l split between the top three and saturday is if there a few around wanting some good music some one will hijack the stream for an impromptu  party and that could be any where on sim:))

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